Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hereke Rugs found me on Google+

If you haven't heard of Google+ yet, you may want to check it out.   It's Google's answer to Facebook and appears to be a very powerful tool.  I joined Google+ about a week ago and my very first friend request was from Solveigh Calderin, owner of Hereke Carpets in Istanbul.  As a rug designer, I was thrilled to have this connection to a potential new supplier in Turkey (I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota).  There must be some very clever algorithum hiding behind the wall of Google+ because not only did Solveigh find me, but Google+ automatically found my Twitter and Facebook pages and my Picasa web-based photo album.  I didn't have to do a thing, they all just instantly came together on my Google+ page.

As a result of the connection, I was able to see this beautiful Hereke silk carpet...  It is 42 X 68 cm and has 100 knots per cm2 which translates to approximately 667 knots per square inch.  Amazing level of detail in the design!

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