Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is "art" silk in a rug?

"Art" silk is a fancy way of saying artificial silk.  Giving the first impression of real silk, art silk is a poor performer over the long term.  Art silk, banana silk, soy silk...these are all fibers which are spun using the same viscose process used to make rayon...a process harmful to the environment.  When these silky strands get wet, either with a spill or by being wet-cleaned, they "bloom" and result in an unsightly appearance.  At this point, they are no longer the beautiful silk look-a-like.  Having tested these fibers with Fiber Seal, a recognized fiber expert in the interior design industry, I would not recommend them.

Real Chinese silk, although more expensive, is far superior to art silk in a rug.  With professional help from companies like Fiber Seal or Micro Seal, real silk can be protected, cleaned and restored to its original loveliness.  So, next time you're looking for a little glamour and sheen in a rug, opt for the real thing...

Quatrefoil pattern--Tibetan wool and raised Chinese silk

Peregrine pattern--designed by David Salkin--100% Chinese silk

Silk Swans pattern--designed by Laurie DeMartino

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