Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flat weave rugs are all the rage!

Flat weave rugs are a popular and less expensive alternative to a hand-knotted rug.  They are easily handled, light-weight and typically reversible.   In a flat weave rug, the colored weft strands of wool are woven across the loom over and under the warp strands.  Without any knots, flat weaves do not have a pile.  Due to their construction, they are thinner than knotted rugs and not as warm and plush.  Simple curves are achievable but stripes and squares and other more boxy shapes are rendered best in a flat weave.

Over the years, flat weaves have been used as wall hangings, saddle pads and prayer rugs.  Following are 3 examples of flat weave rug construction.


Here are a few fun flat weave designs.

Square Chains

Interlocking Rings


Genie Bottle

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